Cupcake stand

I was just staring at my growing vase collection beneath my kitchen sink and pondering the idea of adding some of them to my D.I. pile.

Then I saw this tutorial for a cupcake stand.

Except, why stop at cupcakes? I am thinking of making one to put in my living room. Perhaps some decorative balls will sit in it. Maybe I will put a shallow bowl on top instead of a plate ...

More on this later.

I need to go clean up my crafting area so I can feel justified in starting more crafts.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Gorgeous Dress for a Gorgeous Girl

You are going to steal the show in your family pictures, baby J!


Let Freedom Ring

We spent the 4th in Small Town, Utah so I thought a bit of western flair was appropriate for my daughter's attire. Thankfully, a couple of my friends introduced me to this little beauty of a tutorial. Thanks V & Co.

And, of course, an applique t-shirt is the name of the game for boys these days, right? Western flair for him didn't work so well. A flannel shirt and Wranglers would have been a tad bit hot in July.