Project One Hour: Days Five and Six: Lots of cutting

Two dresses, one shirt, one pair of pants, and two pairs of shoes later; I am ready to get that sewing machine going.

Oh yeah, the bags, that is my sanity trick. When I have a lot of projects in the queue (when don't I?) I keep them in their own bags so that all the pieces and scraps don't get mixed up. Even before I start I will often separate the material and patterns into bags, just so I can remember what I was planning. Otherwise I end up with a jumble of fabric, patterns, and notions and it is inevitable that something will get lost. Inevitable, I tell ya!


Project One Hour: Day Three and Four: New Look 6796

I am sorry to say that the kids naps, or lack thereof, stopped me from being able to cut out much of the New Look pattern on day two; so that became day three.

Day four was sewing this fabulous pattern. I got the pockets on, sewed the sides together, and sewed the shoulder straps. It is too bad the very details that make clothing so cute are what make projects take SO much longer! Remember that when you want to buy some cute detailed dress. The little pockets or ruffles or sleeves or applique take forever to do. That is what you are paying for.


Project One Hour: Day One: Applique Dress

photography by my darling 3-year-old, not bad, huh?

When I saw this dress at Target it was a blank palette just screaming "applique me!" I conceded. I was going for a kind of paisley flower-ish effect. Not sure if I really succeeded there, but I still love the finished product. Although, I am thinking I might put a couple of leaves on. What do you think?

Oh, and if you like this dress and just can't get enough of it, I have 4 more of them. I cleaned out the rack, that's how cute I thought they were. I have a 4T, 24M, 18M, and 12M. I can't actually sell the headbands because of the copyright on the pattern; however, I will throw one in for free with the first two dresses that are bought.


e-mail me if you are interested: toodlesbybethany[at]gmail[dot]com


It's My Party and I'll Eat if I Want To

Let's just say that any healthy eating habits that I have obtained in my lifetime go completely out the window around my birthday. For me, it's even worse than around the holidays. During the holidays I have enough self-control to nibble a bit here and there, but not overindulge. My birthday is a completely different story. I tell myself, "It's your birthday and you deserve it." How can I argue with that?

I know there are health nuts around the world that could argue with that, but you can't argue with this. Three words. Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake.

What? Still not convinced? Here let me cut you a piece.

Here's a bit of heaven for you. Oh, and let me get you a napkin to wipe that drool.

And to those of you out there that didn't need any convincing, there's plenty to share! My birthday is over so now I can't justify overindulgence. Darn.

Or head on over to My Kitchen Cafe for the recipe. You won't regret it. I didn't.

Project One Hour: Day Two: Headband

I made a headband today to go along with yesterday's project. My model is napping, so pictures will have to wait.

The headband is Heather Bailey's pattern, Hooray for Headbands. Easy, fast, and dang cute. The perfect combination.

And because it was so easy I have time to spare so I will be cutting out material to make a dress from New Look 6796. I am making the variation that the model is wearing on the pattern cover and I am already thinking that a Heather Bailey headband will be the perfect accessory!

Anyway, I'm off to turn on a great movie (to be determined) and cut me some fabric. I don't cut out patterns without a movie on. Anybody else with me on that?


Gettin' My Craft On

Lately I have allowed myself to feel overwhelmed with all of my sewing projects. Not a good thing. This is my outlet. My thing that I do for me. My escape. Feeling overwhelmed is not an option so I needed to come up with a solution. The solution?

Project One Hour

An hour of sewing/crafting a day for the rest of May. Pretty self-explanatory, right? I won't get into the nitty-gritty rules and details because, well, there aren't any. Oh, except one, that hour does not include time spent on the computer looking at all the fantastic ideas and talents of my fellow bloggers. Darn.

So, here is the product from today's crafting hour. It's just a teaser. The project will probably be finished tomorrow or Thursday.



One t-shirt from Wally’s World: $3.50

Two fat quarters of material: $4.00 (and plenty leftover for future projects)

One sheet of Steam-a-Seam: $.50 (or something like that)

Cutting, ironing, and sewing: 30 minutes

Reaction from my three year old --

“You made this for me? That’s awesome!”: Priceless.



It's official. I must find somewhere in my house to put this clock. Love it!


Brag Bag

I'm posting this with the hope that my mother-in-law doesn't read this blog. I mean, I don't think she reads it, she's never mentioned it. If you do, Amy, Happy Mother's Day!

What you will need:
Two tea towels
bias tape
12 gage vinyl (I bought a 1/4 yard for .86 cents and could make about 5 more bags with what I have left. It doesn't take much.)
sewing machine
one darling picture

What you get:
The perfect Mother's Day gift

P.S. This darling picture is my beautiful niece. It is just there for effect. The bag will be gifted to my MIL with a picture of my kiddos, of course, once I print one out.

P.P.S. Anyone interested in a tutorial? I think I'm willing.

P.P.P.S. My parent's grapefruit tree as a background is really working for me this week. don't you love those big green leaves?
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