So Long, Farewell

This blog is going dormant. Scratch that. This blog has been dormant and will continue as such. There are a variety of reasons, none of which I feel inclined to mention here, other than to say that I have refined my priorities.

That being said, I know that most people that read this blog know me personally. If you do and you don't read my private blog, drop me an e-mail: mommybethanyATgmailDOTcom. I would love to send you an invite.

It's been real.

Happy crafting.


Simplicity: Project Runway Pattern

As "easy-to-sew" as most Simplicity patterns are, this one was not. It was certainly do-able, but I would never recommend it to a beginning seamstress. I had to read each direction a few times to figure out exactly what my next step was and even then was often unsure.

That being said, I am thrilled with the result and I am sure that I will sew from the "Project Runway" pattern line again, mostly because I bought two other patterns from it the same day I bought this one.

I just won't expect them to be two hour projects this time.

And maybe I convince Princess that it is the dress I want a picture of, not her empty fruit snacks package of which she was apparently very proud of.