The halloween costumes are still underway. The knit I am trying to sew has proved to be a lot less moody than the stuff for my sister's wedding. Finished product is coming soon (It better be. Right? Halloween is on Friday!)

Speaking of giveaways ...

Check these out:

Lands End Diaper Bag Review and Giveaway: Please tell me I am not the only Mom in the world that doesn't have a fabulous diaper bag. I need one. Bad.

Old Navy gift certificate: Need I say more?

Mother/Daughter Sterling Silver Bracelets: How is it that having a girl has turned me into even more of a girly girl than I already was?

Crayon Apron: I love that this is for a boy.

BabySNAZZ legwarmer giveaway: I totally know how to make these, but getting them for free would be even cooler!

Can you tell I am going for the law of probability? Is that really a law? I don't know. Whatever. Anyway. In all of my blogging days I have never won a giveaway. (cue sad violin music) I am crossing my fingers and toes for any one of these!

Oh yeah, and check out Bloggy Giveaways for LOTS more free stuff, if you are lucky enough to win!


Someday I will win a giveaway ...

... and if this is the one, I would be so SUPER excited! Kathleen at GROSGRAIN is so uber-talented. I want to win!

Tackling Knit

Back in June my younger sister got married. The material she picked for the bridesmaids dresses was a brown knit. It was perfect for the dress. Totally and completely UN-perfect for my sewing machine. I ended up having to take it to California with me and my mom finished it the night before the wedding. Bless her heart.

So here I am. It's a week before Halloween. I just bought the material for Busy Boy's costume. It's knit. I'm crazy.

Before I throw the timing off on my sewing machine again and tear out all of my hair I thought I had better do a bit of research. Here is what I found.

Because of what I found here I will be sure to lay some tissue paper down underneath the material when I go to layout and cut out the pattern pieces.

This article tells me to be sure to use polyester or nylon thread. I might be going back to the store ...

Amy Hester tells me that I need a sharp needle. And then I find here that they recommend a ball point needle. Hmmm ...

This is probably my favorite article/site pre-sewing.

After I have tried out this tips I will let you know if I have tamed the beast!


Toodles' Future

I have been thinking alot about my sweet little shop. I want so much to get it launched and going, but do you know what? It takes money to make money. Such a shame. Also, I have been wondering when I want to do my grand opening. I mean, at what point to I decide it is "up and running?" So, here is the conclusion that I have come to. Little bit by little bit I will add inventory. My goal is to get to 15 items. Once I have 15 items I will have my grand opening. Stay tuned ... I have a few projects up my sleeves right this minute!

Allie Brown Giveaway

Have you ever wanted a custom made blog layout? Me too. It would be cool. That is why I am entering this giveaway. You should too, even though it will lessen my chances to win.


Costume Time!

I am working away on my kid's costumes. Well, kind of. Baby girl's is finished, minus a zipper and a hem. Busy boy's is still just in my mind. This picture is from last year. Don't they make the cutest Peter Pan and Tinkerbell ever?