Tackling Knit

Back in June my younger sister got married. The material she picked for the bridesmaids dresses was a brown knit. It was perfect for the dress. Totally and completely UN-perfect for my sewing machine. I ended up having to take it to California with me and my mom finished it the night before the wedding. Bless her heart.

So here I am. It's a week before Halloween. I just bought the material for Busy Boy's costume. It's knit. I'm crazy.

Before I throw the timing off on my sewing machine again and tear out all of my hair I thought I had better do a bit of research. Here is what I found.

Because of what I found here I will be sure to lay some tissue paper down underneath the material when I go to layout and cut out the pattern pieces.

This article tells me to be sure to use polyester or nylon thread. I might be going back to the store ...

Amy Hester tells me that I need a sharp needle. And then I find here that they recommend a ball point needle. Hmmm ...

This is probably my favorite article/site pre-sewing.

After I have tried out this tips I will let you know if I have tamed the beast!

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