Project One Hour: Day Two: Headband

I made a headband today to go along with yesterday's project. My model is napping, so pictures will have to wait.

The headband is Heather Bailey's pattern, Hooray for Headbands. Easy, fast, and dang cute. The perfect combination.

And because it was so easy I have time to spare so I will be cutting out material to make a dress from New Look 6796. I am making the variation that the model is wearing on the pattern cover and I am already thinking that a Heather Bailey headband will be the perfect accessory!

Anyway, I'm off to turn on a great movie (to be determined) and cut me some fabric. I don't cut out patterns without a movie on. Anybody else with me on that?

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Rebecca said...

I am totally with you on that! I always cut out fabric on the living room floor, in front of a good movie. *someday* when I have a nice sewing/craft room, it'll have to have a TV in it! This pattern is so cute, can't wait to see the finished product.