Brag Bag

I'm posting this with the hope that my mother-in-law doesn't read this blog. I mean, I don't think she reads it, she's never mentioned it. If you do, Amy, Happy Mother's Day!

What you will need:
Two tea towels
bias tape
12 gage vinyl (I bought a 1/4 yard for .86 cents and could make about 5 more bags with what I have left. It doesn't take much.)
sewing machine
one darling picture

What you get:
The perfect Mother's Day gift

P.S. This darling picture is my beautiful niece. It is just there for effect. The bag will be gifted to my MIL with a picture of my kiddos, of course, once I print one out.

P.P.S. Anyone interested in a tutorial? I think I'm willing.

P.P.P.S. My parent's grapefruit tree as a background is really working for me this week. don't you love those big green leaves?
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Laura said...

So cute! Also love your dots dress, just adorable. Glad you liked our easter egg tree post, thanks!! Laura in germany at baroquebabies.com

Heather said...

What a darling bag! I would love a tutorial!

Shawn and Mish said...

Yup...definitely want a tutorial. Although, since M-Day is in two days I guys it will have to be a b-day gift.

Lindsey said...

I am Jeff and Diana Irving's sister in law so I got you blog off of Di's. Hope you don't mind me looking. I would love a tutlorial of this.

Ule Logue Photography said...

Yes Bethany - I want a tutorial!!!!
xoxox -U.