Project One Hour: Day Seven: kimono shoes

made with Aimee Larsen's kimono shoes pattern

It kills me that I hadn't discovered all the adorable baby shoe patterns out there when my little ones were babies. They would have had the best dressed feet this side of the Mississippi, for sure. On the other hand, maybe it is a good thing. They might have also been seriously neglected.

"I know the baby is hungry. Just a sec, I need to finish one more pair of shoes. Yes, I know she has been crying for 30 minutes. Just a sec."

"Oh sweetheart, you can sit in that yucky diaper for a few more minutes. I need to finish these shoes."

Not a pretty picture. I guess I better get the shoe sewing out of my system before we decide to bring even more chaos into our lives with baby #3.


mike and elise said...

Ahh! Love them!! I need to get the pattern!!!

Amy said...

is this your clever way of saying you are pregnant???!!!!!

and yes, those shoes are too adorable!!

Bethany said...

Oh my, no! Not pregnant. For sure.

HomeSpun Threads said...

Cauuute! Good job! The were easy right!? I've been making them today about 3 an hour of the Mary Jane style. I love baby shoes!