Piano Bags

I have been spending most of my crafting time getting ready for piano lessons to start this fall. Reviewing method books, reading tips and watching videos online, developing studio policies, and drafting piano practice sheets are some of the many tasks that have consumed my time.

It has been fun to get back into the music world. I have my Bachelor of Music and taught school for three years, but since I became a stay at home mom a couple of years ago I put music on the back burner (besides singing with my kids). Now it is moving to the front again, at least for one evening a week.

Anyway, I couldn't help but throw a bit of craftiness in the midst of all my music focused prep, so I made bags for my students to carry their music in. I have 2 students so far and am leaving time open for 2 more. I am very happy starting small, since my kids are little and they need their mama, especially in the evenings.

Back to the bags. Do you think these will motivate my students to practice, practice, practice?

I bought the canvas bags at Hobby Lobby, along with two rectangles of felt for each bag,one for the background and one for the letter. I love the tan felt on the 'a' bag. It is embossed with a damask-ish pattern. And I figured the camouflage would be perfect for my 3rd grade male student. Boys and camouflage always go together, right?

The total cost for each bag was about $4 and a couple of hours in front of your favorite movie while you do the hand stitching. Can't beat that!


Shawn and Mish said...

Super cute! I love totes!

What A Dish! said...

Those are some cute bags- would be cute for toting Primary stuff too!