Oh, Baby!

My younger sister is pregnant and she found out last week that she is having a girl. She is admittedly disappointed, as she and her husband were hoping that their first would be a boy. So, naturally, that is where I step in. I am making her a "Yay, It's a Girl!" gift.

It's perfect timing because I am waiting for my playhouse fabric to come in the mail. Otherwise, I would feel guilty about working on anything but "the beast", considering how many hours I am anticipating will be spent on that thing. In hopes that that many hours and more will be spent by my children playing in that thing.)

Moving on, as soon as I hit "publish post" I will be making my way down to my sewing machine to work on a couple of rag edge receiving blankets. Tutorial courtesy of Sew Much Ado.

Happy Veteran's Day, everybody! How grateful I am for the endless sacrifices that have been made my so many brave men and women.

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