Sunny Skirt

    I have a 3 year-old boy and a 1 year-old girl. When we  found out by ultrasound that baby #2 was indeed a girl, my shopping began and it has never stopped! I have found that dressing a girl cutely (is that a word?) is so much more overwhelming than a boy. For a boy you get a few pairs of jeans, some dress pants, a variety of shirts, a couple pairs of shoes and *TADA* you have a wardrobe. For a girl you need skirts, shirts, dresses, bows, headbands, tights, socks, shoes in every color, etc. etc. Never-ending! Whenever I see something cute at the store I have to think, "OK, what else am I going to need so that she can actually wear this?"
And that,  my dear readers, is the question that inspired this post. You see, I  just finished a skirt for the shop. As I looked at the skirt though, that infamous question popped into my head. It's winter. Skirts and winter don't usually mix very well. Unless you are like me. There is a picture of me as a child. I am wearing a knee length dress, tights, coat, hat, and gloves and there is about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Winter never stopped me from wearing a dress! So, for the true girly girl out there, here is how I would dress up a skirt for the winter:



This skirt is made out of seersucker material. I love seersucker because it sews very nicely and it is totally wash and wear. No ironing involved, and let’s be honest, who likes to iron clothes?

I decided to use the green in the center of the flowers as my inspiration for the rest of the outfit.

862236_s This turtleneck is from Children’s Place, one of my favorite stores because they always have good deals and their clothes hold up to all the rough and tumble that comes with kids.


These CRAWLER COVERS are the perfect answer for wearing skirts in the winter. Warm and cute. Perfect combo! You can find this pair at Crawler Covers & More.


Last, but not least, I thought this adorable hat would be the perfect finisher. This adorable hat is made by Adrienne Kinsella.

Are you smiling yet? I certainly am.


Amy said...

Love skirts, dresses, tights, cute shoes....the whole girly look~ my mom had to force me to wear jeans. Anyhoo, I dress my girls in skirts and dresses all year round. I just add the necessary accessories to make it work i.e. tights, leggings, etc....yeah for us girly-girls!!!!

Lauren said...

(Sunny Skirt) I love this post...this is me to a tee!!! Thanks for making me realize I am not alone...especially when I try to explain this to hubby! I had to have two boys before Lex and OMGsh the shopping began!