How lovely are thy branches!

I am a sentimental decorator when it comes to Christmas. It is a tradition in our family that we get an ornament every year for Christmas. When we get married my mom passes those ornaments on to us for our tree. I love pulling out each one and remembering the year it was given to me.


This lovely gem of an ornament was given to me the year I was born. Do you see what I mean? You would have to be sentimental to keep this. (The bad photography doesn’t help much, does it?)


The ornaments that remind me of what was going on in my life at the time always make me emotional. This was from my mom last year, in honor of our first Christmas in our new home. What a special memory.

PICT7656 PICT7655 These two ornaments aren’t gifts, but have equal sentimental value. I remember as a child I loved putting the ornaments on our tree that my parent’s had made for their first Christmas tree. So, after Brandon and I got married I was super excited to get some ornaments that we could remember as our first. Being in the thick of my first concert season ever as a music teacher, handmade didn’t happen. I love what we chose from Terry’s Village, though. The heart is one of 12 ornaments that are part of an old German tradition. I’m not German and didn’t even know about the tradition until I saw the ornaments in the catalog, but I thought it was pretty nifty, so I decided to join in on the fun! The snowmen are just cute. Busy Boy loved putting them on the tree this year.

What kind of tree decorator are you? Do you have any favorite ornaments?

Leave me a comment or write on your blog and leave me a link in the comments. I am making the cutest mitten ornaments for my kids (based on a pattern from Leisl at disdressed) and will have some extra fabric. Anyone that comments will get entered in a drawing for their very own mitten ornament. Also, if you link to my blog on your blog, you will get a second entry in the drawing. I will draw a name on Friday, December 12th. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


jill said...

Most of our ornaments are the same kind - those we received when Dave's dad cleared out his stash, the ornaments I was giving growing up, and those we've purchased each year since marriage. My favorites are those folksy one from Dave's dad. They remind me so much of those on my parents tree. I'm impressed your making mitten ornaments for your kids! Way to go!

Shayla said...

Hey my name is Shayla and I love Christmas ornaments-especially the onese I received each Christmas from my parents. When I got married, my mom handed me all of them. My mother-in-law did the same for my husband. They bring happiness and joy into our home, each time we place them on the Christmas tree. The mitten ornament is adorable,and looks so creative. I love it.
I linked you on my blog,and I hope others will see the amazing work you do:)

Amy said...

Ahhh I love when I first open the container for all the "special" ornaments. It is like story time at our house. Each ornament holds a special memory that ties the years together like popcorn on a string. It began as a tradition with my Mom and Dad. Each year that gave us an ornament that signified that year in some neat way. In my home I have continued the tradition. And every year the ornaments bring back a rush of memories that happened in the previous years. I don't know how to post them on here but on my blog I have posted some favorite ornaments that we treasure. I have added descriptions to each one to further tell our story. I enjoyed hearing about your ornaments and it made me smile to know that other families cherish the memories behind the ornaments. Happy Holidays Bethany!

Amy said...

By the way, it just has to be said: Those mitten ornaments are to die for!!!! How sweet!!!! I hope my name is drawn.........crossing my fingers*********

Shawn and Mish said...

I don't have any special ornaments from my childhood. If my mom still has them, I don't know about them. I have a bunch on my tree from my mother in law, but they have no sentimental value to me. I'm glad you've got some. I love the mitten! It would look darling on my tree.....

Shelene said...

I have to say, I am selfish and worldly. I want my own beautiful tree that is all coordinating. Then I want another tree for all the strange, quirky, not so pleasing to the eye ornaments. Hey, at least I can admit that I am selfish, and that part of Christmas to me is the beautiful "don't touch" decorations.

3 boYs aNd a giRL said...

Hey Bethany!! Thanks for leaving the comment...sorry it took so long for me to respond, I am just now noticing it :)

So, who knew you were one of THOSE creative people that I LOVE so much!! Guess I should have made a better effort while I was closer, huh. Your stuff is GREAT!!

As for my ornaments, I too have a box full with sentimental value. Those that were handmade or passed down through the years, and they have all adorned my tree for the past 8 years of my married life. This year, though, I was feeling a little fancy...so we (or really, I) changed it up a bit (pics on the blog). I think it's funny you pose the question...I'm feeling a little gulity now for not sticking with tradition this year.

We do have the same tradition in our family of letting the kids pick out a new ornament every year. I let the kiddos decorate with their ornaments first, then I fill in the rest ;) At this point they are happy as long as their special ornament is within grabbing distance so they can rip it off the tree and show anyone who visits.

Wow! Sorry for the rambling...but I guess I'm entered in the drawing now, right??

P.S. tell William hello for me, I miss all my little nursery kids...not too, much though...being as I have found the nursery in this new ward...yes, called once again :) I may never get out!!

racheyroy said...

This year is our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Mince. So we are finding our perfect combination of our family's traditions and our own. As you may know, since we have the same mom, we are given a special ornament each year and when we are married we get those for our own tree.
I cannot explain the joy I felt when I opened "my box" this year. We had so much fun as we unwrapped each ornament and I remembered the story to each one. Some of my favorites are the two snowmen mom gave us last year and a little doll one with buttons that we used as our angel. Decorating our tree is probably one of the best parts of Christmas.

Bethany said...

This is a reminder to me: Dee posted a great comment about the ornaments she made with her boys last year. I thought I published, but it isn't showing up. Weird. Don't forget to include her in the drawing!

Nikki said...

I've always been a non-tree person - as well as child-free. The arrival of our daughter has brought a bit of the magic back into Chrismas and this year we didn't make the ornaments... we made the TREE!! (You can see it on my blog).