Drum Roll Please …

PICT7730   Let me start by saying that this giveaway stuff is harder than I thought. As any blogger does, I LOVED reading your comments and blog entries about your Christmas decorations. As I read them I found myself rooting for each and everyone of you to win the giveaway. I began contemplating how long it would take me to make one ornament for each one of you. Too long. Way too long. Just know that the thought crossed my mind and the saying does go, “It’s the thought that counts,” right? To appease my desires I decided to make two extra ornaments, so there are two winners today! Yippee!




   Winner #1:



Jill said, “Most of our ornaments are the same kind - those we received when Dave's dad cleared out his stash, the ornaments I was giving growing up, and those we've purchased each year since marriage. My favorites are those folksy one from Dave's dad. They remind me so much of those on my parents tree.”

 Winner #2: 



Stacie said, “I too have a box full with sentimental value. Those that were handmade or passed down through the years, and they have all adorned my tree for the past 8 years of my  married life. This year, though, I was feeling a little fancy…so we (or really, I) changed it up a bit (pics on the blog). We do have the same tradition in our family of letting the kids pick out a new ornament every year. I let the kiddos decorate with their ornaments first, then I fill in the rest. ;) At this point they are happy as long as their special ornament is within grabbing distance so they can rip it off the tree and show anyone who visits.”



You will notice that the second ornament isn’t quite finished because last night as I sat down to finish it at 10:00pm I realized that I needed to finish my sister-in-law’s veil for her wedding on Saturday. So, veil came first and is all finished, thank goodness. The finished ornaments will be on their way to both winners early next week! Thanks again everybody for giving a bit of holiday cheer to my December.


Amy said...

Congrats Stacie and Jill!!!

And the veil is looking beautiful Bethany!!

jill said...

Hooray!! Thank you, Bethany. They are gorgeous. The mittens and the veil. Good work!