The dress is done and made its debut at the wedding. Super poofy, super cute, and super stressful! A word of advice. If you plan on tweaking a pattern, plan the tweaking before you cut the material.

The bride and groom looked absolutely fantastic and still haven't stopped smiling. And the veil was lovely if I do say so myself.

The tux was a bit of a flop, I am sorry to say. The pants were super slim and just barely long enough, making his already chicken legs look like toothpick legs. The shirt was two sizes two small and had stains all over it. The jacket would have been alright, but there wasn't a cumberbund and since the shirt wouldn't stay tucked in it just wasn't wonderful. And to top it off, black shoes were not provided so we were scrambling to find some up right before the reception started. That's what you get from a small town tux shop, I suppose. It is a good thing the boy inside it is still as handsome as ever.

Brother and sister, looking pretty sharp, if you ask me.

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Amy said...

I **heart** the blue tulle.....