I found another true love in my life this week. Anthropologie. I have heard of it. I have walked by it. I have seen these some stuff from there, but nothing that I really thought was all that fantastic. Then I walked into the store. Oh my goodness, so much "scope for the imagination!" (Thank you L.M. Montgomery for that phrase) The stuff there can be pricey, but they had a great sale on dinnerware. I bought this monogrammed plate for 50% off.

A little online shopping for you...

These alphabet hooks make me happy. A current obsession of mine is monograms. So attracted to them.

These knobs would make me want to cook dinner twice a day. At $16 each I think we need to win the lottery sometime soon, considering the fact that we need almost 30 knobs.

And this coat rack is exactly what I have in mind for my entryway.

There's more. So much more, but I'll stop there. Thank you, Anthropologie, for coming into my life.

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Jason-Cassie-George said...

Bethany! You have discovered the love of my life. I am an avid Anthro shopper. I like to call if my "Anthropologie budget lifestyle'.I have a whole system for buying things once they go on sale. In fact yesterday I bought a whole bedding set there for less than half of what it would usually cost. I love anthropologie. I am slowly trying to convert my home into an anthropologie...I love it.