Aprons Galore

6a00d8341c51ba53ef00e5507b10198834-800wiThe Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Committee asked me to teach a sewing class in February. Aprons will be the subject of the day. In my quest for a specific apron pattern I found a plethora of other adorable ideas! Maybe I should start an Apron-a-Month Club. Take a look at all these splendid tutorials:

Napkin Apron

the gathering apron

sassy apron

craft apron tutorial

ruffle apron (pictured above)

one yard half apron tutorial

crafty tool belt tutorial

lined apron tutorial

thirty handmade days has several apron tutorials here and here

What are you waiting for? Start sewing those aprons!

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jill said...

If you like aprons - try this site:
Tie One On. Woo-eee Bob! Are there ever apron-loving people out there!

Felix said...

I thought maybe you were teaching that class. Yeah! Now I am even more excited.

3 boYs aNd a giRL said...

I'm moving back if I can get instruction on how to make me one of those ruffle aprons...February you say?? Love.