Leg Warmer Tutorial


Don’t even get me started on how cute I think leg warmers are. Alright, the picture above is totally irrelevant, but I figured I would post it for a brief flashback moment. Those are not the leg warmers you will be making. Gather your supplies and enjoy making some adorable non–80s leg warmers for your munchkin.


What you will need:

  • One pair of women’s knee high socks
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Self-healing cutting mat (optional)
  • sewing machine
  • matching thread


1. Begin by laying each sock flat and straight on the mat. Cut each sock just above the heal.

PICT8204_edited-1 PICT8203_edited-1

2. Take a picture of your children who are saying, “cheese” over and over again because if the camera is out it must be to take pictures of them, right?


3. Cut just below the heal on each sock. Make sure that your cut creates a 90 degree angle with the foot of the sock. By doing this, you are removing the heel flap, heel turn, and gusset.


4. You have the foot and toe left. Lay the sock flat so that the bottom of the sock (the part that would be on the bottom of your foot) is on the mat. Cut the toe off the foot (wow, that sounds gory).


5. Now all that is left is the foot, which is a rectangle shape. Cut a straight line length-wise along the rectangle, I followed the crease that was already in the sock. Unfold it and take inventory of what you have to work with now. You have two long tubes which will be the leg warmer itself. The two rectangles that you created will be the cuffs of the leg warmers. Time to move to the sewing machine!

PICT8215 PICT8216

6. With right sides together sew the sock foot back together, exactly where you just cut it. I know what you are thinking. Why did I have you cut it in the first place? We are creating the cuff that will be at the munchkin’s ankle. This step is allowing it to be small enough that it won’t slide off her feet. Saavy? Straight stitch a 1/2 inch seam and then zigzag stitch the edge to reinforce the seam.


7. Fold the foot in half with wrong sides together and match the seam. You now have a cuff.


8. Take one of the long tubes and tuck it inside the cuff with right sides together and matching raw edges.

PICT8222 PICT8224_edited-1

9. Sew the cuff and tube together using a 1/2 inch seam. Again, zigzag stitch the edge to reinforce. Repeat steps 6-9 with second leg warmer.


10.Unfold both cuffs and TADA! You have a pair of adorable leg warmers for your munchkin.


This being my first tutorial please let me know if there is anything that I can explain more clearly or if there are any errors. Also, what’s your vote … should the pictures be above or below their accompanying text? And finally, if you make some of these, let me know. I would love to see some finished products!

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shydandelion said...

That was awesome! I want to make some for me now...

Becca said...

Very cute! Can you do a tutorial of making hood towels. That would be fun!