Halloween Revisited

Halloween costumes are underway. My only serious dilemma is finding cowboy boots for my son. I found them for my daugher for $5 at Kid to Kid. No such luck for him. Unfortunately you can't just whip out a sewing machine for boots ... wish me luck on that one.

Anyway, in my effort to put a bit more consistent at updating this blog I thought I would do a bit of reminiscing. If you read my personal blog, you have seen my kid's past Halloween costumes, but I only have last year's on here. So here's to a trip down little ol' memory lane!

Halloween 2006: Little Bo Peep and her sheep

Halloween 2007: Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Halloween holds a special place in my heart when it comes to sewing because my first real sewing project was a Halloween costume for my brother. I was 10 and he was 4. (I think. Is that right, Mom?) One of these days I need to dig out a picture and put it on here. He was Aladdin, a dang stinkin' cute Aladdin, if you ask me!

What are some of your favorite past Halloween costumes? Share them on your blog and share the link with me! Go on. I dare you. You might win something cool. Just sayin'.


What A Dish! said...

You are very talented! I love the little sheep.

Shawn and Mish said...

I love love love little bo peep and sheep!

Shelene said...

have you thought about making spats for William for his boots? I know a little ghetto, but in a pinch, it could work. I will check our Kid to Kid here!

jill said...

My sister and I dressed up as a pair of dice one year and we LOVED it! It was the first year we weren't hobos or girls in pajamas or something like that. Nothing wrong with those costumes - unless you're 10 and have been either of those for your entire life. My mom made our costumes and everyone commented on them. We felt so cool.