Hooded Towels and Sweet Babies

A couple of months ago my husband's cousin had a baby shower thrown for her and her soon-to-be born twin girls. I made some hooded towels as my gift to them.

I just love big, fluffy, warm hooded towels. Those small thin ones that are common at stores these days are a joke. So, I consider it one of my missions in life to give hooded towels as shower gifts. Yeah, so if you invite me to a baby shower anytime soon then you now know what you will probably get, and I am OK with that. :)

It was so fun this week to see pictures on M's blog of her sweet babies wrapped up in their towels after their first bath at home. (Thanks for letting me share your pictures, M!)

Baby T -- she was about 3 1/2 lbs at birth and only had to spend a couple of weeks in the hospital ... definitely a fighter!

Baby M -- she was around 5 lbs at birth and went home right away


jill said...

Man alive! I have been wanting to make these for my kids! Any chance you'll post a tutorial in the near future? Or even far future. I'm not picky.

(Good work by the way those towels are beautiful and your friends babies are darling)

Lindsey said...

I would love a tutorial on the towels to. We are having a baby boy after two little girls and I need new of everything.

Jamie Hamblin said...

Um I seriously can't believe how crafty you are! I'm so jealous! I'd ask for a tutorial as well, but i'd have no idea what to do with it... lol

Jamie Hamblin said...

Um... you are seriously so crafty! I'd ask for a tutorial as well, but I'd have no clue what to do with it lol. So I'll just pray I get one with a baby. ;)

Shawn and Mish said...

Cute babies! I love love love fluffy hooded towels!

Shelene said...

Tell that mom of twins to look for a group in her area. Salt Lake has slmot.com and Utah County has uvmom.com...SOOOO great!