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The pictures don’t allow you to appreciate the change nearly enough, in my opinion. Alas, this will have to do. We love our newly “frankincensed” wall and the new knobs on the pantry doors. Now if I could just figure out what else to put on the wall above the pantry. Suggestions?

(And please don’t say vinyl. I love vinyl. Vinyl has its place. Above my pantry is not its place. If you have vinyl above your pantry, I bet it looks terrific. Seriously. I might even have to come over and admire it. I just don’t want it above my pantry. Savvy?)

P.S. Remember the knob company I told you I would totally recommend, if they came through on delivering the goods? Well, they came through all right. We got them today … about 4 weeks sooner than we were expecting them. We LOVE them! So, if you are itchin’ to replace the knobs on your cabinets, go to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware. You will not be sorry. Or you could always buy our big ol’ fat white ones that we just happily removed. Yep. You could do that to. Very inexpensive. Are you tempted yet?

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Di said...

So while on my trip to Utah I bought a little something for above MY pantry door. I went to Rod Works with my mom and found one of those decorative iron things (I am sure that gives you a detailed picture). It was pretty cheap. Maybe I will send you a pic when I get it up. Can't wait!