Easter Egg Tree

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I saw a few of these last year on some of the blogs I browse but didn’t get around to making one then. So this year when the hubby pruned our trees I was quick to snatch up the discarded branches. The eggs were already in my stash of Easter decorations. (I say that like I have a lot. I really only have these eggs and a “Happy Easter” plaque. Sad. I know.) Super simple and it adds so much to our living room. I am going to miss it when Easter has come and gone.

It wasn’t until yesterday when I read this post from Baroque Babies, that I learned that this is actually an Easter tradition from Europe. How fun is that? I love decorations with just a bit more meaning than, “I thought it looked cool.”

imageThis shop in Austria is pure eye candy, don’t you think?

image Of course, it’s only appropriate that Martha has her version of this tradition.

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What A Dish! said...

My parents live in Germany and they decorate Easter egg trees- it looks so pretty. I love your tree!