Sew Mama

My mom taught me how to sew. What I remember the most about the projects was her patience. Patience as I once again “forgot” to follow the instructions and ended up ripping seams out. Patience as I burned an iron mark onto the pants I was making for my brother’s Halloween costume. Thankfully, he was going to be Aladdin. The poor boy version of Aladdin. A burn mark fit right in.

I also remember many times in my childhood when I would go to bed to the sound of the sewing machine whirring and wake up to a beautiful creation hanging up waiting for me to try on. I loved wearing the dresses my mom made for me. From my baptism PICT8945_edited-1dress to my prom dress. Loved. It.

Add my sweet daughter into my life and not only do I get to use my skill to sew for her, but my mom gets to continue to share her talent.

What a lucky little princess!

Thanks, Mom, for bringing me a lifetime of creative happiness. I owe you. Big time.

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