Easter Outfits

PICT9086_edited-1Our handsome boy didn’t get anything handmade this year, unless you count the tailoring I had to do to make his pants three inches shorter. Yes, three inches. We had to buy a size 5 suit so that the jacket had some room to grow. He is still wearing size 3 pants though. Yep, short squatty legs. All his height is in his head. Ha!Handmade or not, I’d say he looks like quite the stud, wouldn’t you?

It would be sacrilegious for the little princess to be without a PICT9088_edited-1handmade dress on Easter, though, at least at my house. I took an old dress of mine that I made about 7 years ago and probably only wore once. It was still hanging in my closet because I loved the material. I was staring at the dress a few weeks ago, contemplating getting rid of it, when I realized I could use it to make an Easter dress. Perfect! My favorite part of the outfit is the flower that I whipped together about 30 minutes before we had to leave for church. (Do you procrastinate like I do?) It is inspired by the Frayed Flower tutorial over at Maize in Montana.


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