For the record …

… I have sewn a bit recently.I couldn’t bear to let my sewing machine feel too neglected.


One project was the valance for the kitchen window. Look for more details on this! This is definitely a perfect project for any level of sewing experience and the end product is fantastic.

Project two is skirts for my Grandma-in-law. Sorry no picture. It isn’t anything too fancy. Just a simple skirt she bought years ago and loves, but can’t find anything like it in the store. She commissioned me to come to her rescue. The one she has is purple. I am making a three more in red, blue, and gray.

And because I’m not any good at geometry (just ask my Dad, he’s the reason why I passed  in 9th grade), I bought the wrong amount of fabric for grandma’s skirts. I am brainstorming ideas on what to do with the extra. This fast and easy skirt was some of it…



Photo By Emilie said...

Thanks so much for entering to win one of my photography pkgs on giveawaytoday. Good Luck!!

Marissa said...

So cute! I actually made (with great amounts of help from my mom) a sliding door curtain out of that same striped fabric-love it!!