My Favorite Little Space and a Small Preview

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  This is my favorite place to look as I take in my newly painted kitchen. The main reason is because it is one of only two spots that have any accents, but even if it wasn’t, I am pretty sure it would still be my favorite.

This is also your little preview. I still have a few finishing touches before the entire kitchen is picture worthy. It’s coming soon. I promise. I am sure you have been losing sleep over this, right?

Oh, and remember what I said about getting the “everything-is-exactly-how-I-want-it-and-I-wouldn’t-change-a-thing” after? img-thingEven this space isn’t there yet. I need to buy something like this green decorative ball  for the candlesticks (I feel funny calling them candlesticks. They look more like vases, but they aren’t hollow. Whatever. Oh, and if you want to know where you can find that ball,

it’s at Save On Crafts.) And the adorable picture of my baby girl is going to be replaced with this adorable picture of both of my kids.IMG_1734 B&W perfect portrait plus vignette


racheyroy said...

looks like that shade of red worked out just right! fun! can't wait to see it!

Bud & Kim said...

I just saw this blog and had no idea you had it. How fun. you are so talented. I'm so proud that so many of my friends are making a business out of their talents so that they can stay home with their kids. I hope that some day I might be able to do the same thing. Who knows...:)